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Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre provides primary health care services to Sorrento and Area residents through the services of a Nurse Practitioner.

  • What is a Nurse Practitioner?
    A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a Registered Nurse who has obtained a Master's Degree in Nursing. At least six years of university education and passing a written and clinical examination to practice independently is required. A Nurse Practitioner is licensed by the College of Professional Nurses of BC. Nurse Practitioners are able to assess patients, order diagnostic tests such as x-rays, CT scans, blood work and ultrasounds. They diagnose and treat all types of health conditions, write prescriptions for most medications and make referrals to specialists. Nurse Practitioners often work in collaboration with other health care providers. In Sorrento the Nurse Practitioner works independently and consults with other health care professionals as required. Nurse Practitioners assist patients in the management of chronic diseases such as Congestive Heart Failure, Diabetes and Chronic Lung Diseases. They work with patients, families and communities to promote healthy lifestyles that can help prevent illness.
  • How does Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre differ from other centres with Nurse Practitioners?
    The Centre was created in 2013 under the auspices of a provincial NP4BC program and through a partnership with the Sorrento & Area Community Association and Interior Health. It opened in November with primary health care services provided by a Nurse Practitioner. The Centre was unique in British Columbia in that the NP operates independently. Most NPs work in a Health Authority or a physician's office. Interior Health is responsible for the NP's salary; the Society is responsible for the daily operation and management of the Centre. In 2014, the Society was established to enable the issuance of charitable income tax receipts. A number of revenue streams have been established to help maintain the operation. In 2015, the Ministry of Health provided one time funding to support the operation for a period of three years.
  • How can I make a donation to the Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre?
    Your donation will contribute to the long term sustainability of the Health Centre. Contributions can be made in a number of ways: By dropping off your donation at the Sorrento Health Centre at #1 -1250 Trans Canada Highway, above Munro's IDA pharmacy or mailing to Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre, PO Box 193, Sorrento, BC V0E 2W0 Memorial Donations are a distinctive way to honour the memory of loved ones by directing a bequest in your will to the Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre or to the Sorrento Health Centre Endowment Fund c/o the Shuswap Community Foundation.* In person at SASCU (Sorrento) or by automatic SASCU eTransfer Donate through Canada Helps at ALL donations are appreciated. Tax deductible receipts are provided for donations greater than $20. Each person who makes a donation of $20 or more will become a member of the Society. Please make cheques PAYABLE TO Sorrento & Area Community Health Centre. * Shuswap Community Foundation is located at 102-160 Harbourfront Drive NE, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P9. Their phone number is 250 832-5428; email Our Sorrento Health Centre Endowment Fund will benefit the operations of the Centre into the future.
  • How are donors recognized?
    The Frank Barnard Memorial Tree was established to recognize our many donors and in recognition of our first bequest. Frank Barnard, a long time Sorrento resident, was so pleased with the care provided by our Nurse Practitioner that he left a large donation to the Shuswap Hospital Foundation earmarked for the benefit of this Health Centre. Every donor of $20 or more has a leaf placed on the tree in addition to receiving a tax deductible receipt.
  • What is the Sorrento Health Centre Endowment Fund?
    The Society has established a Legacy Fund to ensure funding is in place for health care needs today and for future generations. Any potential donor who names the Sorrento Health Centre Endowment Fund as a beneficiary has many choices as to the form and timing of a gift. Contact the Foundation for more information. Contact the Shuswap Community Foundation to arrange your contribution. Monthly giving options can be arranged Name the Sorrento Health Centre Endowment Fund in your Will, Gift or Legacy Make a Memorial Contribution. Or call 250-832-5428 PO Box 624, 102-160 Harbourfront Dr. NE Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N7

1223 Trans-Canada Highway, Sorrento, BC, V0E 1H0

Tel: 123-456-7890

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